Andy was born and raised in Golden Valley. He is 36 years of age and recently purchased his first home with his partner, Natalie.

Neighbors have said Andy is:

"A breathe of fresh air."

"Considerate of the social and environmental costs and benefits of potential decisions -- not just about the dollars."

"The Bernie Sanders of the Golden Valley election!"

"Too logical for politics."

Please click the links below to view some of the art Andy has been pleased to contribute towards some of his favorite non-profit groups as well as samples from his own political cartoon:

The full cost

Including environmental and social factors while calculating economic strength will provide a more honest picture of our future so that we may decide on policies and investments with a holistic mindset.


Unafraid to think outside the box to come up with ways to increase revenue without further burden on the tax-payer.

About Andrew thomas Schuler

Proportional representation

All people deserve elected representation, not merely those who are in the plurality. Policymakers who are elected in proportion to the votes they receive will better reflect the will of voting taxpayers.